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Moxu Projects
Visual Novel

Moxu Projects is a company that provides localization, marketing, and other creative services for video games, and one of my husband’s clients. I got to help with a visual novel (think choose your own adventure in video game form) that had already been translated into English by a third party. It needed sentence by sentence polish.

How I Helped

Since the original translation was not done by the wonderful folks at Moxu, it needed some elbow grease on the grammar side of things. Checking the consistency of terms also took up most of the first read through. The real fun came in playing with the language.

Many of the characters had a high level of education (for the time period at least) and connections to nobility, so I made sure that a more formal tone was used when appropriate. Even small things like removing contractions when a character spoke with his higher ups… but let them go or even added them when he was at the tavern with his friends. I also adapted some of the language from more modern terms. Hypothetical example: “Yo, what’s up?” to “How are you gentlemen this fine evening?”

The experience for Moxu

The dynamic duo from Copysmyths went above and beyond with this revision & editing task. By capturing the linguistic and cultural nuances, they've transformed a problematic translation into a beautifully localized script.

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