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Developmental Editing

Who needs this?

This is for authors who have finished writing their novel and cleaned it up enough to read. Developmental editing will look at the big picture of your story, making sure it conveys everything you wanted.

What you get:

1. Edits.

I will do a chapter by chapter read through of your story, leaving in-line comments whenever there is a place that might need a little more polish. Comments will be kind—but direct. I believe in clear, honest feedback. If something in the story is confusing, tiptoeing won’t help the story improve. I will also include chapter end notes looking at the overall strengths and weakness of the chapter. Finally, I will give you a final report that discusses the story as a whole.


Things I’m looking for:
           - inconsistency

            - plot structure

            - pacing

            - world building

            - character development

            - character voice consistency

            - setting

2. Support.

With many of the comments I will leave examples, options, and other food for thought to get you on track to polish your work. If there’s a part, you’re still not sure how to develop, we will schedule a video chat and talk through it. Aside from brainstorming, I have practical writing exercises that won’t just give you practice with a concept but be directly usable in your story.

3. A Second Look.

Once you have made the changes to your manuscript, I will schedule some time to do a second read through. When I’m done, I’ll give you another report about how the changes impacted the story and how the new version feels.

What you don’t get:

1. I won’t take over your story. All the assessments and support will help you polish your story in your own voice, with confidence.


2. A manuscript with polished sentences. This stage of editing looks at the big stuff. I always recommend the full editing process.

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