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Who needs this?

This is for authors that want to pick my brain for a bit and learn more about crafting stories, writing better prose, or the fantasy genre industry itself. I can review outlines or writing samples before the call.

What you get:

1. A Brain to Pick.

I will answer questions. Have writers block? Or just want to know how an idea looks? I will review up to 2,000 words before the meeting so we can discuss questions you have about outlines, writing samples, or ideas. We can discuss trends in the fantasy genre, different approaches to writing careers, or anything else you’d like to ask the editor.

Don’t have a specific question, but want to learn something?

I will organize a class and teach things like literary devices, sentence structures, or character development. The class includes information about the topic, examples of how other published authors have done it, and writing exercises you can practice to improve.

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