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Line-by-line Editing

Who needs this?

This is for authors who have finished work on the big picture elements of your story. This level looks at the words you’ve written, making sure there is nothing to stop your reader from enjoying the work you’ve created.

What you get:

1. Edits.

I will do a line-by-line edit of your story, tracking the changes for your review. If a sentence is confusing, I will flag it for rewrite. These steps ensure your story remains your own. You have final artistic control of the manuscript, accepting or rejecting any changes I have made.


Things I’m looking for:
           - overwriting

            - term consistency

            - story tension levels

            - filler words

            - repetitive sentence structure or words

            - overuse of things like adverbs

            - paragraph rhythm

            - dialogue tagging and punctuation

            - use of tense

            - spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation

2. An Editorial Report

I will create a report that details any reoccurring problems—such as an overuse of telling prose, which breaks reader emersion; or an overuse of showing prose, which leads to overwriting—with specific examples from your writing. You can use this to later hone your own writing craft. This report also includes a style sheet for terms and spellings for the proofreading process.

3. Support

If during this process, you find that you are stuck with any rewrites or have questions about some of the changes I have made, connect with me. We will schedule a video chat and walk through it together.

What you don't get

1. I won’t take over your story. All the assessments and support will help you polish your story in your own voice, with confidence.


2. A perfect manuscript with zero grammatical mistakes. While I will catch most issues at this level, sentence rewrites and other parts of this process always lead to new errors being added. See my Quality Statement for more information about this process.

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